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Zitat 01 10/08

"Well I don't wanna hang around with you I've got my motor baby and I'm gonna see you through You think I wanna be alone with you It doesn't... weiterlesen
1.10.08 19:25


Zitat 01 09/08

"I feel dizzy all laid back and I'm too blind to see What's going on outside my lonely window I'm turning on the TV screen watch the news fo... weiterlesen
30.9.08 23:12

Zitat 01 06/08

" There was no pain No fear, no doubt Til they pulled me out of heaven So that´s my refrain I live in hell ´Cause I was expelle... weiterlesen
21.6.08 15:42

Zitat 05 05/08

"You said that we will always be friends You said our love would never end All you gave to me was scars on my heart All you did to me was... weiterlesen
20.5.08 20:40

Zitat 09 02/08

"Give me another chance to breathen And you got all this things I needen And together we're just so complete You must be the reason I'm a... weiterlesen
26.2.08 17:56

Zitat 08 02/08

"Absolut nichts ist in Ordnung. Absolut nichts ist OK. Verkneif dir jegliches Mitleid und spar dir jedes Klischee. [ . . . ] Ich hasse me... weiterlesen
26.2.08 17:43

Zitat 07 02/08

"Cause it's me against the world (Oh what a stupid day) Yeah, it's me against the world (Just stay out of my way) And incase you haven't... weiterlesen
26.2.08 17:32

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