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Zitat 01 12/08

"Pull up your pants
Take out the trash
getting ya cash like em'
Fast like em'
Girl you outta act like ya dig
Security codes on everything
Vibrate so your phone don't ever ring
And another one he don't know about
Wish we could switch up the roles
And I could be that...
Tell you I love you
But when you call I never get back
Would you ask them questions like me?...
Like where you be at?
Cause I'm out 4 in the morning
On the corna rolling
Doing my own thing
What if I?...
Had a thing on the side?
Made ya cry?
Would the rules change up?...
Or would they still apply?...
If I played you like a toy?...
Sometimes I wish I did act like a boy
Girl go head and be...
Go run the streets
come home late say sleep like em'
Creep like em'
Front with ya friends
Act hard when you're with em' like em'
Keep a straight face when ya tell a lie
Always keep an airtight alibi
What he don't know won't break his heart
Wish we could switch up the roles
If I was always gone
With the sun getting home
Told you I was with my crew
When I knew it wasn't true
If I act like you
Walk A mile off in yo shoes
I'm messing with your head again
Dose of your own medicine
If I played you...
Would yo like that?
Had friends...
Would you like that?
never call?
Would you like that?
Hell naw
You wouldn't like that
What if I made ya cry!
Would they still apply!
What if I...
If I played you like a toy
Sometimes I wish I did act like a boy!"

Ciara, Like A Boy

12.12.08 02:11


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